Thank you! Something Stupid: Chapter 1

Thank you very much for that explination; it was the only one I've read that made sence, and now I understand the cut thing. Yay me! Anyway here's the first chapter of my FanFic, Something Stupid, hope you like it. 
P.S. If it seems a bit rushed, that's 'cause it was.

By soulfirefly
Disclaimer: I own nothing in this story familiar, just Damia (so please keep your hands off her); the rest belongs to Disney.

Summary: Will and Elizabeth have a child named Damia, then Will goes back to sea and disappears. This is Damia's tale of trying to find him. (WIP)

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welcome to jarofdirtfans, the only community as far as i know that is for fans of jack sparrow's jar of dirt. haven't seen the second movie? i imagine pictures will be on the web soon. and there's quotes on

actually, why are you here if you don't know what jacks jar of dirt is? seriously.

anyways, rules.

-put spoilers behind a cut
-if you do post icons, you can give teasers, but put the rest behind a cut
-fanfics and fanart are welcome, but again, put behind a cut
-don't do introduction posts. it's nice to see new members, but if you're going to introduce yourself tie it with a question or something. don't just say 'i'm [name] and i love potc!!!1'
-proper spelling and grammar is appreciated. of course, i contradict this since i don't capatalize anything, but the spelling is correct and all that jazz
-you must love jack's jar of dirt
-no claiming, either. it just leads to arguments
-no discriminating. there are jack x will / will x norrington / will x elizabeth fans, and we acknowledge this and would appreciate if people didn't discriminate. we know jack x will isn't cannon. it's for fun

if you want to affiliate, email me at if you have further questions, email me at the same email as well.