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#02 [Aug. 13th, 2006|12:31 pm]
Jack's jar of dirt fans

[64]Actresses: bynes, poesy, duff, kinghtly, lohan, rihanna.
[59]Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
[12]"Hippie" Text

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Something Stupid: Chapter 2, part 1 [Aug. 2nd, 2006|02:46 pm]
Jack's jar of dirt fans
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By soulfirefly
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I own nothing except Damia.

Summary: Elizabeth's plan revealed.

Really sorry about the lateness of this; it turned out longer than I expected.

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Thank you! Something Stupid: Chapter 1 [Jul. 26th, 2006|02:32 pm]
Jack's jar of dirt fans
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[mood |anxiousNever posted a FanFic before..]
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Thank you very much for that explination; it was the only one I've read that made sence, and now I understand the cut thing. Yay me! Anyway here's the first chapter of my FanFic, Something Stupid, hope you like it. 
P.S. If it seems a bit rushed, that's 'cause it was.

By soulfirefly
Disclaimer: I own nothing in this story familiar, just Damia (so please keep your hands off her); the rest belongs to Disney.

Summary: Will and Elizabeth have a child named Damia, then Will goes back to sea and disappears. This is Damia's tale of trying to find him. (WIP)

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(no subject) [Jul. 24th, 2006|04:59 pm]
Jack's jar of dirt fans

welcome to jarofdirtfans, the only community as far as i know that is for fans of jack sparrow's jar of dirt. haven't seen the second movie? i imagine pictures will be on the web soon. and there's quotes on imdb.com...

actually, why are you here if you don't know what jacks jar of dirt is? seriously.

anyways, rules.

-put spoilers behind a cut
-if you do post icons, you can give teasers, but put the rest behind a cut
-fanfics and fanart are welcome, but again, put behind a cut
-don't do introduction posts. it's nice to see new members, but if you're going to introduce yourself tie it with a question or something. don't just say 'i'm [name] and i love potc!!!1'
-proper spelling and grammar is appreciated. of course, i contradict this since i don't capatalize anything, but the spelling is correct and all that jazz
-you must love jack's jar of dirt
-no claiming, either. it just leads to arguments
-no discriminating. there are jack x will / will x norrington / will x elizabeth fans, and we acknowledge this and would appreciate if people didn't discriminate. we know jack x will isn't cannon. it's for fun

if you want to affiliate, email me at blaupwnz@gmail.com if you have further questions, email me at the same email as well.
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